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Hello and Welcome

Lianne is a Scottish Audio Storyteller from Edinburgh working in audiobooks, podcasting, and long-form narration. Her voice has been described as “warm, calm and uplifting with a wee sprinkle of Scottish magic.”


From her ‘Session Booth’ professional quality studio at home in Edinburgh, Lianne narrates audiobooks but is also researching her new podcast on ‘Women in Science and History’, a passion project of hers. 


Through her squiggly career that started in psychiatric nursing, meandered to business consultancy and public speaking  and grew to running her own sustainability publishing and events company and online business for 15 years, Lianne has learned first-hand how stories bring us together and shape our lives.


A self-confessed history and science/nature nerd, Lianne has an insatiable curiosity and loves giving voice to stories where truth and story combine; she especially enjoys non-fiction (history, biography/memoir, science, nature, philosophy and self-help) and in fiction, historical and literary fiction, mysteries and her guilty pleasure is a wee historical romance (which she will now be narrating under a pseudonym) 


Having grown up in the Far East (Hong Kong and Singapore) Lianne was privileged to go to school with over 40 nationalities which gave her a love and understanding of the diversity and wonder of our world.


She learned Spanish, French and some German at school, has a deep love of Italy and is learning Italian at present. She has a natural soft Scottish accent; her education at British schools abroad makes her just as comfortable with Scottish and English accents, (mainly NE, SW and Estuary) and Irish accents. She also loves her own native Scottish Gaelic.


When not storytelling and researching, Lianne loves spending quality time with her family, swimming, walking by the sea, travelling especially to the tranquillity of the Scottish Highlands, and of course reading. She has a love for classical music, playing the clarinet and in her youth was a competitive swimmer and High Board Diver.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 

C.S. Lewis

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